Autogyro beats Helicopter for small VTOL Missions dynmicpara

If you are broke, you don't fly...and don't ASS U ME just because you are on the tax payer's gravy train that you can force overly complex helicopters to fly if they are being rebuilt. The dirty secret of helicopters is they HAVE TO BE REBUILT after x amount of hours or else they crash and burn. A simple fixed-wing aircraft only needs its engine rebuilt after many, many hours of use. Helicopters are constantly falling apart as you use them. There is a better way to get vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities: THE AUTOGYRO. The same simple engine that spins a prop that pushes a fixed-wing plane forward through the air, instead spins simple rotors overhead. Voila! No costly maintenance and rebuilding, a rotary-wing "grasshopper" albeit not as fast as a fixed-wing STOL plane could be, but it has VTOL for those tight landing and take-off situations when you need it. The FAA-certified autogyro shown in the video not only moves on the ground by a small trailer, it compacts to fit inside a 20-foot ISO shipping container "BATTLEBOX" for air/land/sea transport anywhere in the world and to act as its hanger and troop living area. The autogyro would make an excellent "Killer Bee" for military observation/attack capabilities ORGANIC to ground maneuver units from their "hip pocket" not a bunch of pampered "fly boys" and multi-million-dollar fighter-bombers requiring 10, 000 foot paved runways miles and miles away at some comfy air base eating ice cream while you are getting creamed by the enemy.

Cierva was right!

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